Long Beach, MS

Long Beach, Mississippi.

Long Beach was a gem of an experience.  It was neat to be in a place during Thanksgiving that forced me to remember homey feelings.  I bought myself some pork ribs and mac n cheese to celebrate.  I took pictures of the plaques in downtown Long Beach because Lorenzo Gigliotti told me he had been involved in the relief efforts made by sister city Long Beach, CA after Hurricane Katrina.

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Jack Blake’s nephew, Brandon Blake, arranged for me to play at Eagle Island in downtown Long Beach.  I met Brandon’s friend, Adam Holland, who could one minute shoot the shit like we were in his backyard after eight beers, and offer insightful considerate articulations the next.  The bartender, Paige, was the best bartender I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and took care of me like family.  I had a delicious burger with pineapple as well as oysters in a half shell on ice that were reviewed as the best anywhere by the very experienced oyster eater sitting next to me.  At the end of the night, I tried to tip Paige, but he sternly refused and asked how I did.  For the light turnout, I thought I had done pretty well, but he threw another $20 on top.  I refused to take it explaining that a slow night affects both of us.  He insisted saying that I would take it or offend him.

When I started to pack up, Brandon offered to help and then he remembered that he had some studio microphones that he didn’t need and suggest that I have them.  He showed me to his place and I met his super sweet cat Puddles.  He gave two microphones and told me how to get to the interstate and I got on my way to Tampa!  Long Beach, MS is indeed the friendly city.