First I’ll say a few words on Nashville and Birmingham.  After Little Rock, I drove to Nashville and then Birmingham.  I saw family and friends and the experiences were powerful but on these my thoughts will stay private.  I spent a few days in Nashville.  I got to play with the basketball mafia like old days.  The basketball mafia is a group of middle aged guys who meet twice a week in secret locations to get some runs in.  We have a reputation of a mix of talent and sportsmanship that has attracted some NFL players to play ball with us.  Cortland Finnegan joined us.  If I wasn’t a musician I would probably want to be an athlete of some kind, so it is always special to get the chance to compete alongside professionals.   In Birmingham I got the opportunity to attend a jujitsu class and left eager to get more serious into mixed martial arts training.  It had been a while since I had trained in any martial art.

On to York!

I went to York because it was in Nathan Douglas’s song.  He wrote a song called “Mama’s Pork House” that opened with “Took a trip to York, AL”.  I made Nathan swear he would actually take a trip to York, and decided to take my own since I would be so close on my tour.  I did find a BBQ restaurant called TNT BBQ.  It was a homemade shack and I happened to catch Thomas unloading beans and BBQ supplies from his medium sized homey white truck.  I asked if he was open, to which he replied with a big jolly grin, “No sir!  But come back on Tuesday!  We’ll be smokin’ turkeys!”  He was as close as it gets to Nathan’s fictional BBQ restaurant owner “Mama” in his song.





I spent some time at Lake Louise.



As you can see it is a beautiful little secluded spot; truly a gem York is lucky to have but was not taking advantage of!

I was behind schedule so I just passed by Jackson, MS and got on my way to New Orleans.