Ft. Lauderdale

Ft. Lauderdale.

Life is full of surprises.  Six years ago I worked with Fanci Collins and Rodolfo Gabriel in Argentina as a trio named SEFL.  Fate had it that my pursuits would line up with Fanci’s and we would perform together.  The Ft. Lauderdale experience was primarily one of intense focus to digest as thoroughly as possible the 36 songs that we’d be performing.  It ended up being too much and we worked in a number of songs I already knew.

I met another musician she works with, Marcus Amaya.  I also met her boyfriend David who was very hospitable and had a good sense of humor.  The three of us went to see Marcus perform and I ended up spending the night on their sofa.  The next day entailed more practice and eventually I left to exercise and look at guitars.  I found one that I loved.  I spent that night in my van and in the morning I bought the guitar.  I thoroughly enjoyed the moment.  I’ve been investing lots of time looking for the right guitar.  It was my moment of being the kid that walks by the window display to school every day and finally saved up enough pennies to make his dream come true.

I bought a Breedlove Oregon Concert E.  The playability felt perfectly natural.  I loved the tones and the simple beautiful style with no cutouts for the pickup.  I also bought a Breedlove as an adornment to my dad, as I admired his Breedlove.  Additionally, this guitar is made in Bend, OR; the current residence of my sister.  And last but not least, it represents an investment and continued belief in myself and what I am accomplishing.

The day I bought the guitar was also the day of the gig with Fanci!  What a special day it was!  I woke up sick with a frog in my throat and thought I may have to cancel.  I decided to power through it and spend the day getting my voice and body as ready as possible for the gig.  By the time the gig rolled around, I was in good form.  We played a venue called “World Famous Parrot Lounge”.  Upon arriving, several members of the staff signed my van.  While setting up, we had a few strange “altercations”, one with a customer who had money in the jukebox and one with the owner who thought we were booked for four hours not three.

While I didn’t feel as prepared as I like to, we pulled off a great show.  The owner loved it and wanted to rebook.  I shared a special moment with a man who was turning 50.  Since I was turning 30, I asked him for advice for the next few years.  He took me aside and looked me dead in the eyes and gave me his truest life lessons.  He said smile.  Walk with a bounce in your step.  Treat your woman right.  Work hard.  I wish I had written it all down because it was succinct and grand.

The harmonies were natural and comfortable.  The set list contained a number of songs that I never thought I’d cover, and doing so pushed me outside my box.

img_2638 img_2639 img_2640

I learned and grew as a musician.  It would’ve been nice to have taken video, but I prefer that I was immersed in the experience.  My new guitar played wonderfully and sounded great through the PA.

I again spent the night on the sofa.  I wrote and practiced in the morning and left a thank you note as I got on the road to Miami!  I saw a spiny spider outside Fanci’s apartment!