Jacksonville was kinda cool.  Despite being colder in temperature, people were still out and about and it had several hip areas, each with a unique flavor.  I went to an open mic night and when I arrived early there was already a decent crowd.  To my surprise, there were only three performers signed up.  I played three songs.  Though the audience was extremely uninvested and emotionally distanced, I managed to hook them with the first song, and lost them by the third.  The night was strange and I ended up getting frustrated by the unpleasant social dynamics and wanted to leave.  There was one interesting performer who called himself Cracked Dagger.  He was somewhat short and wore makeup.  He looked like a young Mick Jagger and his performance was very theatrical.

The next night I called a place called Vino’s at about 7pm to see if their open mic night was happening.  When they said no, I asked if they wanted live music.  I pitched myself for free and they booked me right then on the phone.  I came and played a few hours in their mid-sized performance side room to absolutely no one for two hours.  There were a handful of people in the restaurant, but no one in the “concert hall”.  The staff absolutely loved it though and kept peeking around the corner to watch.  One waitress video taped and asked me to dedicate to her, my performance of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.  Even though I played to an empty room for two hours, I had a great time.  I love music.

Afterward, I got on the road to Charleston!