In Charleston, I bought Christmas gifts at a mid-size open air market.  Most notably, I performed at Home Team BBQ (a gig I booked well in advance).  Danielle Howle hosted the evening.  She was a little older than me, very cute, and had a sweet voice and presence.  Home Team BBQ “booked” me for a songwriter’s night from 7p-9p.  It was not a true songwriters’ night; it was an open mic.  Nevertheless, I had a good time and met some interesting people.  I gave one of my most inspired performances of the tour.  I met Brendan Pugh, a military man transitioning to a music career.  I talked with him about commitment to the transition.  I met Bob Tobin, an older man with a strong inner peace and joy.  He gave me an album and I absolutely love the title track “Other Side of the Horizon”.  I met a bearded man.  I’m glad to have forgotten his name.  He was a phony who preyed upon unwary young artists.  He attempts to seduce with flattery and boasting.  He tries to bait and hook his young targets on phony dreams.

I went to a park and found a beautiful spot to practice but got attacked by gnats.

On to Asheville.