In Simpsonville, I met with Karen and James, some of my extended family.  They treated me with tremendous kindness and welcoming.  James gave me $100 for gas and Karen gave me a blanket for the cold road ahead.  I met Judah, a kid with a lot of energy and a short attention span.  He reminded me of me.  He had a calculating brain and strong problem solving skills.

I had dinner with Jeff and Kristi, their son and daughter, and Karen and James, at Jeff and Kristi’s home.  Dinner was delicious.  Jeff had a home recording studio with a very cool instrument that I believe is called a vibraphone.  I got to play a little house concert for them and they listened enthusiastically, especially to my newest intense and dark one, “Red Red Room”.

The next day James took me around Greeneville.  It’s a beautiful town with a lot going on.  It’s relatively hip, spacious, and growing.  Greeneville would not be a bad place to live and evolve.

On to Charlotte.