Chinese Downhill Tour 2017

At Auld Dubliner in Squaw Valley, at the end of an excellent show, a drunken white fellow showed me the flyer and asked me abashedly, “Is this racist?”  His tone was perfect.  He had just partied and had a total blast with us for several hours, and upon seeing the printed flyer, he was terrified that he may have just partied and became a fan of a bunch of racists.  Watch this if you think Chinese Downhill is racist.  Chinese Downhill is the name of an unofficial delinquent ski competition, legendary in Squaw Valley.  Ski Patrol, upon seeing the flyer, became very concerned another actual Chinese Downhill event was being organized.  However, when they found out it was the name of our music tour, they smiled and laughed and in general thought it was awesome.

Chinese Downhill Tour 2017 was an incredible experience.  We played a local tour launch show at Dyzzy on Vynyl, a groovy record store in Long Beach, on Wednesday Feb 8th.  It was great to see lots of familiar faces and the excitement in the room was tangible.  We packed and organized gear into the van and I got to sleep around 2am.  We were on the road at 5am and made our way to Oakland to play The Stork Club on Thursday Feb 9th, played Fat Cat in Tahoe City on Friday Feb 10th, Auld Dubliner in Squaw Valley on Saturday Feb 11th and made our way back to Long Beach on Sunday Feb 12th.  It was jam packed full of activity and memories; adventure in every sense of the word.  There are far too many quirky happenings to detail here.  From Zane the Illuminati, his dog Lunchbox, to Allie the world’s best fan, to Boreal slopes, to running out of gas on the highway, to the shows themselves.

Here is the audio from my performance at The Stork Club.  Friends and family came to support from San Jose.  It was a special night and the first “on the road” gig of the tour.

What a blast!!!  Thank you so much to BEARWULF for being even keeled, hardworking, and good ol’ plain fun!!!!  And for inviting me to be part of the great experience.