Noah Grove’s “Beautiful Frankenstein”

For those of you were unable to tune in to the live stream of the show, I trimmed off the dead space and uploaded the video to my YouTube page, and have linked it here. It was the show of a lifetime and I am forever grateful to all those involved. Nathan Douglas and Mooney Starr were tremendous. All those that traveled from great distances, contributing your time and attention, you were essential to the beauty of the show that we all collaborated to create. I feel grounded and focused and ready to continue to do my chosen life’s work.

I’ve said this next part a few times to a few folks during the days before and after the show; that I have viewed my album release shows as, among other things, an opportunity for the people who know me to tell me if I should quit or keep going. I have never felt more supported, and proud, and believed in.

I have been singing Josh White Jr.’s “No Greater Love” to close just about every show I do, for years now. This is the first time I think I sang it right.

I am so grateful to all who have supported me along my path, and I look forward to continuing to make and perform music for you all, and share life. Please enjoy.