Engaged and Other News

As you may know, I have been live-streaming my performances at Music Restaurant here in Jining, China. So for those of you in the US looking for something to do on a Monday, Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday night, check Facebook at 4am!

Yesterday, Li Shuang’s parents drove us to a huge temple, in a nearby city, Yanzhou.
In one of the pictures, you will see me with a kind of mask on my face. I wore it for the picture because this is a very common article of clothing here. Apparently, the air is not the cleanest, and it is also worn for warmth.

And regarding the last picture of this post; Li Shuang and I are engaged. The ring in the picture is the ring I proposed with. I also bought a ring with sapphire and diamonds, and a gold band, but I proposed with the simple ring because I believe it represents the way we met and the simple, pure bond we found that has persisted through the years we’ve known each other. We met each other on an island off the coast of North Carolina. She was exploring outside of China for the first time, committing to her own independent life. I was teaching kitesurfing and playing music, committing to following the life I want without fear. The innocent child in me met the innocent child in her and we found a trust that is rare. At least I think it went something like that, or maybe it went nothing like that, but without a doubt I am thankful I met her and for the warm fire she is in my life!

PS. I gave one of the weirdest overwrought clumsiest klutz proposals of all time. It worked!