Art’s Bar / 4th of July

Summerville, South Carolina put on a great show. I’ve personally never seen individual fireworks that filled up the sky and were so loud. There were some new styles of firework this year too. Happy 4th! For a nation that can seem pretty divided if you watch the arbiters of TV or tune in to social media at certain times, we still celebrate the 4th pretty well and that was special for me this year.

After the fireworks show, we checked out Art’s Bar & Grill The Original in Mount Pleasant. Bubba LeMacks Music was a chill host and it was good to see him perform. Solid soulful voice. It was a slow night, due to everyone celebrating the 4th, but it was fun and maybe I’ll get to play some djembe for Bubba sometime.

This morning I just got booked @ Rusty Bull Brewing Co. for August 9th 7-10pm through the app I was told about a couple nights ago. Stoked to start sharing my music on the regular in this city!

Tonight I’ve got plans to check out the open mics at Mainland Container Co. Kitchen & Bar and Parson Jack’s Cafe!

July 9th (move in day) can’t come soon enough. Registering everything with South Carolina DMV ain’t gonna be cheap. Li Shuang has a job interview tomorrow morning and it seems working on her driver’s license won’t be too hard!

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