Cuppa Manna / Neighborhood Tap

Tonight was a huge success! Cuppa Manna was packed and the audience was invested and responsive.

Afterward, we went to Neighborhood Tap House, where we met the host, Butch. It was a bit slow so he was having everyone play five songs. We stuck around and after I played my five, Butch and a fella named Cameron got me booked for gigs.

July 13th 8-11 @ Élevé at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in downtown Charleston

July 21st 8-11 @ Neighborhood Tap House

Also got to see a guy named Kevin play an electric wind instrument, using it to produce keyboard sounds through the PA. I’d never seen anything like it before. Pretty cool.

Cameron told me about an app to download that should help with bookings around here. Certainly an encouraging night out and folks made me feel very welcomed.