Mainland Container / Parson Jack’s

(1) The vent fan in my van was smashed by a parking garage a while back.

(2) Rainstorms have been coming and going constantly here.

First errand of the day was to escape the rain so the water wasn’t pouring into my van and potentially finding it’s way onto my electronic equipment. I bought a rectangular bucket to place over the vent fan when it rains. Only a few more days and we can move in and my stress level can go down a few notches.

Tonight we went to Mainland Container Co. Kitchen & Bar thinking it was an open mic night. I’m not sure where I got the information, as it wasn’t, but there was a band called Elaborate Shadows that was setting up when we got there at 6pm. A guy named Kevin struck up a conversation with me. I found out he drums with 9 local bands. Kevin was friends with Elaborate Shadows and by his request I ended up playing a handful of songs on their break. Got to meet the members of the band – Joe, David, and Jeff. Kevin ended up drumming a bit on their second set. It was a total blast and the guys were friendly, inviting, and encouraging.

I wish I took a better recording of their music because it was really good. Solid players. I’ll get a quality recording next time I see them play.

I have been very welcomed by people here so far and I think there will be lots of opportunity for me to be a musician here. If Elaborate Shadows & co. read this, thank you guys.

I’m impressed by the scene here and I think I will learn a lot and grow being part of the culture.

Afterward, we checked out Parson Jack’s Cafe. It’s got a feel all it’s own and it had yet another engaged audience. It’s been surprising to see how many open mics have heterogenous audiences that are truly open to interaction and genuine listening. Due to being pressed for time, I decided not to play, but it was great to see the space and get a glimpse of what a bunch of other local folks are doing with music.

I look forward to announcing more developments and shows as they come in. So far I’ve got these to look forward to!

√Člev√© in the Grand Bohemian Hotel — July 13th 8-11
Neighborhood Tap Room — July 21st 8-11
Rusty Bull Brewing Co. — August 9th 7-10

NOTHING FOUND! / 615-838-3187

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