Tommy Condon’s / JohnKing

TONIGHT, gonna listen to and share some tunes at Cuppa Manna & Neighborhood Tap House!

Yesterday, Li Shuang and I spent the day signing up for utilities. FUN!

After a full day of depressing errands, we took a walk on the beach, where we think Dear John was shot, and then headed to Open Mic Night at Tommy Condons hosted by Rodney Smith. Rodney was attentive and gracious, and the venue offered a 25% discount to all performers’ bills. The room was full and the audience was very open to being engaged. I played two originals and a Tracy Chapman cover and it went over very well. There were three performers that night that were quite impressive in different ways: technical skill, presence & full sound, artistic commitment. There was one guy that covered Radiohead – Creep. His immersion in his performance was honorable, but he didn’t take it to Fernando Gallegos level!

We then went to JohnKing Grill & Bar for their open mic night. I’m interested to see that open mic in full swing. It’s a good spot, but it was empty. Some of the same folks from Tommy Condon’s showed up. An “in-development” rock band was playing. It was too loud, it was getting late, and we had a long drive back to Walterboro so we left without playing.

Sharing some media from the excursion.